5th Progress Meeting – Facing challenges on the way to launch the OITB

May it be that the second half of a project is always running faster than the first? It seemed like yesterday that we had our last Progress Meeting although half a year had past before the entire TBMED consortium met again on July 6-7, 2021 for their 5th Progress Meeting.

On our first meeting day, we concentrated on the progress the use cases were making as well as on the issues that occurred and needed to be solved. Our three use cases are very good examples of the technical challenges that developers may face in the course of manufacturing of their medical devices. As such every little obstacle that we encounter, will help us gain more knowledge and improve the services of our future OITB.

The second meeting day was focused on “horizontal” activities such as project management and dissemination, communication and exploitation but also on next steps in building the OITB. Exciting six months are ahead of us working towards the launch of the OITB and our 2nd Review Meeting with the European Commission.

And we have the tiniest bit of hope that our next Progress Meeting will not be a virtual one and we will be able to meet in person again.

Meeting Day 1

Meeting Day 2