Successful completion of first 18 project months

It is amazing how time flies: the first 18 months of our TBMED project are already over. The end of our first project period came along with our first review meeting. Contrary to our plans at the beginning of the year, we could not re-unite in Brussels and meet with the European Commission in person. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, we had to hold our meeting online. A few months into the crisis, we are, however, experts in online meetings and were well prepared to face this additional challenge.

The TBMED partners seized the opportunity to show their progress from a business planning perspective with regard to actually developing the future OITB, as well from a scientific perspective in terms of sharing insights into their medical device developments. The work with the project-internal use cases on Keratoprosthesis, Glycobone and hyperthermia treatment is considered a valuable contribution for building the OITB, as the planned services are applied and tested with regard to their feasibility. In the end, this will help us to provide better services to our future customers.

The outcome of our review was very positive. Knowing that the big challenge of actually founding the OITB is ahead of us, we are confident that we will manage to work successfully together towards this ambitious goal.