Starting the year with full force – TBMED 2nd Progress Meeting in Zaragoza

While the new year is still young, the TBMED consortium is already working at full force and came together for the project’s 2nd Progress Meeting and an Open Session in Zaragoza, Spain on January 15-17, 2020.

TBMED partner UNIZAR, kindly hosting the meeting, put together an interesting and diversified programme for the Open Session, a half-day workshop and second in a series of Open Sessions organized in connection with the TBMED Progress Meetings. It included talks of three companies from the rAragón region, DIMA S.L., Blackhills Diagnostic Resources S.L. and BEOnChip, and two clusters, the Aragón Health cluster and the IDiA cluster. The event was well visited with approx. 45 participants who vividly exchanged their experiences with bringing medical devices to the market.

The open event was followed by the 2-day Progress Meeting. One year into the project, a lot of preparatory work is done and the consortium sees more clearly with regard to the requirements of the Open Innovation Test Bed they plan to launch in the course of the project. The progress of the three use cases involved in the project was analysed thoroughly. Based on the outcome of the experiences with these use cases, the services that the future OITB should offer were further elaborated. All in all, the project is well on track towards its ambitious goal of founding the OITB.

TBMED consortium

Dissemination material for the Open Session

Coordinator Iraida Loinaz presenting at the Open Session