TBMED at OITB workshop

We are happy to announce that Andrea Haiek from TBMED coordinator CIDETEC will join the OITB workshop at IndTech 2020 (Conference on Industrial Technologies) representing the TBMED project and its OITB go.Med.

While the conference will take place on June 27-29, the closed on-site workshop "Open Innovation Test Beds as a Service to the Industry" is a satellite event on June 30, 2022 co-organised by TBMED's sister project Safe-N-Medtech and the OITB FlexFunction2Sustain.

As the Open Innovation Test Beds are faceing similar challenges in the foundation process, close collaboration and regular exchange are considered important and valuable to overcome the most common hurdles. The workshop's aim is to foster such collaboration and profit the most from the other OITBs' experiences.

OITB workshop @IndTech2022