TBMED preparing for its final stretch at meeting in Bilbao

The TBMED consortium started into the new year with their 8th Progress Meeting in Bilbao on January 16-17, 2023. The partners were kindly welcomed by Ainhoa Martín and Iñaki Gutierrez from BIOEF.

Although the consortium partners were not exactly greeted well by the Basque weather – it was constantly raining throughout the duration of the meeting – everybody was still in high spirits as the meeting marked the beginning of TBMED’s final stretch.

Consequently, we dived into discussions right from the start. Launching an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) continues to be full of challenges. Partners Antares and Cidetec have fervently worked on further developing the business plan. This included a thorough SWOT analysis to see more precisely where we could be heading with our OITB go.Med. In parallel, they have been working on go.Med’s virtual platform which we hope to start soon.

In addition to the OITB, the TBMED use case owners presented their progress with the development of their medical devices. While some of them experienced minor setbacks, it became clear once more that the Quality-by-Design approach applied in TBMED reduced the risk of failure at a very early stage. Solutions to overcome these setbacks were discussed and will be implemented in the final months of the project’s duration.

With the end of TBMED around the corner, exploiting the TBMED results was also a major issue discussed among the partners during an exploitation workshop. Future funding opportunities and ways to continue to work together were likewise assessed.

The meeting was rounded up by a joint dinner in a typical Basque restaurant serving a variety of tapas and pintxos.