When magentic nanoparticles dance

What happens when artists meet scientists? UNIZAR team members Lucía Gutiérrez and Raluca Fratila wanted to know and joined the “NanoAsalto” project, which uses art as a vehicle to communicate science to the general public. Lucía Gutiérrez was involved in the organization of this exotic outreach project, which brought together scientists with artists. Raluca Fratila’s research on magnetic hyperthermia was translated into a painting by Aragonese artist Marta Alonso, who imagined magnetic nanoparticles as tiny dancers. What a unique way to show magentic hyperthermia!

For more information, visit the the INMA website.

A Spanish video showing the cooperation between the artist Marta Alonso and Raluca Fratila is availalbe here.

NanoAsalto project: Dancing magnetic nanoparticles