Bringing a product to the market - A case study experience by Siltiss

Glycobone – an injectable ready-to-use polysaccharide-based scaffold combined with hydroxyapatite tailored for oral bone defect reconstruction – is one of the use cases developed in TBMED by SILAB’s spin-off Siltiss.

In the January edition of European R&D, published by the French regional newspaper ADI Nouvelle Aquitaine, Sandrine Auget, Quality Manager at Siltiss, gave an interview on their experience in the TBMED project from an SME developer’ perspective. The main points of the interview can be summarized as follows:

• Siltiss, as one of the use case developers in TBMED, profits from the various partners’ expertise in developing their product. This is precisely the expertise that will be offered by the services of the future OITB.
• Intellectual Property remains completely with Siltiss.
• TBMED has helped them to accelerate their time-to-market. Siltiss is working on completing their dossier for the European authorities for obtaining the CE mark.

If you are interested in the full interview and capable of the French language, find out more here.

Glycobone product