How does it work?

1 The customer enters the OITB website.
2 The customer provides a brief description of their product and the requested services.
3 Our Key Account Manager will contact the customer to find out more about their needs. A first assessment will be made to see if the request is within the scope of the OITB.
4 If the outcome of the first assessment is positive, the technical committee will perform an in-depth analysis of the customer request and ask for additional documents. An NDA between the parties will be signed.
5 A proposal, based on the analysis of the technical committee regarding resources needed, timing, milestones, and work to be done will be prepared and provided. A project team and Project Manager will be assigned.
6 The customer will review this proposal, and, if he/she agrees, the parties will proceed to sign a contract.
7 Work on the project will start with a kick-off meeting between the customer and the project team. The assigned Key Account Manager will keep the customer informed throughout the whole process and ensure a fluid communication with the project team.