TBMED on its way to build an Open Innovation Test Bed

Half a year into the project, the TBMED consortium met in Paris, France for their 1st Progress Meeting on July 9-10, 2019. The meeting was hosted by Didier Letourneur and his team from TBMED partner INSERM.

The emphasis of this meeting was on catching up on the work done by the individual partners in the Work Packages and to plan ahead for the rest of the year. It became clear during vivid discussions that they partners have familiarized themselves with their tasks and are working closely together to face the challenge of establishing an Open Innovation test bed (OITB) by the end of the project. Accordingly, the second meeting day was dedicated to a special session on building the OITB focusing on defining current shortcomings and developing ideas on how to overcome the specific challenges identified.

The Progress Meeting was preceded by an Open Session to which representatives of the companies Gecko Biomedical/TISSIUM, 4D Cell and BforCures as well as the Medicen cluster were invited. They shared their experience with regard to establishing their business and the issues they faced in their specific field particularly with an eye to what the future OITB could offer to help make the processes easier for small companies in Europe.

TBMED consortium

Progress Meeting session