TBMED Open Call: A success story – Cyber Surgery

In January 2021, TBMED launched its second Open Call with the objective to provide support to developers aiming to perform a Clinical Proof of Concept (CPoC) or clinical investigation with an innovative high-risk medical device. These Open Calls were considered a test of the services to be provided by our OITB go.Med in the future.

The company Cyber Surgery was selected in this Open Call to help them with the development of their surgical robot for spinal operations.
With the help of TBMED partner BIOEF, Cyber Surgery has been able to complete the certification process with the Spanish Agency of Medicine and Health Products (AEMPS) and has started the human patient trial in November 2022. This trial has now successfully been completed! The next step and ultimate goal is to certify the robot and make it commercially available in 2024.

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