AJL Ophthalmic

AJL Ophthalmic is dedicated to the manufacture of intraocular lenses and other medical devices in the field of ophthalmology. In 1998, the company started manufacturing intraocular lenses for the treatment of cataract and since then it has been working on developing innovative high-performance products to improve competitiveness and to be able to compete with multinationals. At present, the company’s R&D department is working in four research areas: Ophthalmology, Maxillofacial, Airway and Veterinary.

Moreover, AJL is part of several innovative projects with the aim of improving its technology and offering last generation products and services. AJL facilities are open to interaction with ophthalmologists and other medicine specialists, offering training courses or demonstration of new surgical procedures and serving at the same time as a meeting point for the better understand of the arising demands.

As a global leader in vision care, AJL Ophthalmic offers a complete range of products intended for eye care professionals to handle vision disorders and, therefore, improve patient’s quality of life.

In the TBMED project, AJL is involved as industrial manufacturer and, together with Cidetec, case study developer of a new Keratoprosthesis. The design and production of the Keratoprosthesis will be optimized using QbD methodology to achieve controlled, reproducible and safe product according to ISO 13485. Pilot production will be used to validate pre-clinically the advanced Keratoprosthesis in rabbit so as to ensure efficacy and safety of the medical device.

Team members

Photo of Eva Larra
Eva Larra
Team Leader
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María González
Deputy Team Leader

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