Antares Consulting

Antares Consulting was founded in 1998 and provides consultancy services with regard to the strategy, operations and technology management specifically focused on the health sector (including biopharmaceutical and MedTech areas), life sciences, social and long-term care services mainly in Europe, but also in Latin America and Africa.

The company is based in Spain with offices in several European cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and Lisbon, as well as in several Latin American cities with a highly specialized and qualified staff.

Antares Consulting’s mission is to work with public and private organizations to improve their performance, assist with their strategical and operational transformation, search for solutions, develop capacities and share knowledge. Antares Consulting works in collaboration with management teams of health organizations to reformulate their business models, support launching and marketing of innovative products, and promoting partnering and collaborations with stakeholders with the result of a substantial increase of internal knowledge of the organizations.

Antares Consulting has a central role in the TBMED project leading Work Packages 1 and 2 consisting on setting up the main processes and their workflow along the Open innovation test bed (OITB), defining the basic legal, administrative and operative requirements for the OITB, as well as defining, development and implementation of a virtual platform system that supports its operation. Moreover, Antares Consulting will prepare a complete Business Plan for OITB independent success and allowing the sustainability of the OITB over time, and will provide some business advice for the case studies.

Team members

Photo of Marta de Vicente
Marta de Vicente
Team Leader & WP1 + WP2 Leader
Photo of Ana Sanz
Ana Sanz
Deputy Team Leader
Photo of Iván Zorita
Iván Zorita

Partner information

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28046 Madrid