European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network

The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network is a sustainable, not-for-profit, distributed infrastructure with the legal status of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). ECRIN provides support for the development and implementation of multinational clinical research projects in Europe. By supporting multinational trials, ECRIN aims to facilitate access to patients, resources, and expertise, and, in turn, enhance the quality of clinical research projects for greater public health impact.

ECRIN’s ‘distributed infrastructure’ includes a Core Team based in Paris, France (headquarters) and European Correspondents (EuCos) working in 11 Member or Observer Countries, together with national networks of academic clinical trial units (CTUs) and/or clinical research centres (CRCs) located at or affiliated to national universities and hospitals.

ECRIN provides services for the management of multinational clinical studies after having supported investigators and sponsors in the preparation of the study protocol and funding application, and after validation of the study through independent protocol peer-review and logistical assessment.

Services during the conduct of the trial include central services (data management through ECRIN certified data centres, central vigilance) and distributed services provided by the ECRIN partner in each country involved (regulatory and ethical submissions and follow-up, monitoring, local material and pharmacovigilance, etc.). ECRIN primarily provides support to Sponsors in investigator-initiated trials; its focus is on independent, multinational academic research as well as trials initiated by biotech and medical device small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In TBMED ECRIN provides support and services on regulatory activities, data monitoring, clinical project managing services and other activities related to clinical investigations. Their major involvement is as leader of Work Package 9 where they initiate activities for the planned clinical testing and perform follow-up actions.

Team members

Photo of Christine Kubiak
Christine Kubiak
Team Leader
Photo of Daniel Beltran
Daniel Beltran
WP9 Leader
Photo of Sabine Kläger
Sabine Kläger
Deputy WP9 Leader
Photo of Joaquin Saez-Penataro
Joaquin Saez-Penataro
Team Member

Partner information

5 rue Watt
75013 Paris