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CURAM%20CMYK_August%2019%20%28002%29Founded in 2015, CÚRAM is the national Centre for Research in Medical Devices led by National University of Ireland Galway which brings together 510 researchers with expertise in biomaterials, biomechanics, regenerative medicine, glycobiology, drug delivery and medical implant design, in addition to 27 industry partners. CÚRAM develops affordable, innovative and transformative device-based solutions to treat global chronic diseases. CÚRAM’s research in innovative ‘smart’ medical devices and implants will benefit patients with chronic ailments such as cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neural, soft tissue, renal and urology, and respiratory diseases. CÚRAM has adopted an innovative approach, incorporating biomaterial, drug and cell-based technologies. Utilising these core technologies, CÚRAM develops and validates new combinatorial medical devices and translates clinical needs into therapies through a trajectory-spanning molecular design to implant manufacturing under GMP conditions. CÚRAM supports industry from basic scientific research, through translational preclinical and clinical development, into regulatory and commercialisation readiness. CÚRAM’s scientific programme addresses key problems, technical challenges and the current limitations in medical device design and functionalisation, focusing on improving existent devices, developing convergent technologies into clinical solutions and establishing quality systems of standardisation.

In TBMED, CÚRAM is involved in the synthesis of nanoparticles, biomaterials and advanced materials. In Work Package 7, CÚRAM leads the work related to in vitro and preclinical efficacy testing of the Keratoprosthesis technology in a cornea n vivo model.

Team members

Photo of Abhay Pandit
Abhay Pandit
Team Leader & WP7 Leader
Photo of Thomas Ritter
Thomas Ritter
Deputy Team Leader

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